About Us

Train Your Heart and Mind to be Strong Again

Heartbreak Clinic is the one-and-only self-love and empowerment resource for women who want to live their best lives and overcome heartbreak. At Heartbreak Clinic we recognize that toxicity of a relationship, a bad break-up and low self-esteem can stand in the way of reaching your full potential. Our aim is to introduce training strategies through our structured and supportive courses, to help our clients learn to let go, improve their confidence and discover a new way of connecting to others.

Heartbreak Clinic Consists of Experienced Coaches, Relationship Experts and Self-Improvement Professionals

The Heartbreak Clinic Team has created a training program for women who have lost their way and need to regain their sense of confidence, direction and value. We understand that women are carers, givers and sacrifice much for love and the well-being of others. Unfortunately, giving without receiving and rejection can cause us to lose a sense of who we are. The devastation of a breakup can leave you shattered and unable to move forward. Heartbreak Clinic provides the structure you need to take your power back! Our coursework focuses on self-love and working on achieving the confidence you need to attain your dreams and goals.

Do not allow bad relationships to place obstacles in your path to success.
About Us

Student Benefits

  • Self Paced

    Our training is designed to work with students at their own pace. We never place pressure on our members. At Heartbreak Clinic, we do our utmost to ensure that your needs are met in our supportive and educational online environment.

  • Heart & Mind Mastery

    The purpose of the Heartbreak Clinic is to train you to take charge of your life. We introduce the steps for success in our Mastermind classes, Q&A worksheets and more. We believe that you can learn how to be confident and how to be a powerful woman. Our course is based on the very measures you need to incorporate to train your mind and your heart to be confident and know what you want and deserve in life.

  • 15 -Day Heartbreak DETOX

    Heartbreak Clinic is your trusted online self-love and self-esteem training class. Our members work through our program and graduate upon completion with a certificate of recognition. Our lessons include a 15 -day heartbreak detox helping you develop a clearer mind, heart and soul.

Our Training Program

Training is structured online making it easier and more convenient for our students to access material. Our online classes encourage active participation with professional and peer support. We want you to feel valued every step of the way.

The Heartbreak Clinic Course is affordable and presented online. Learn how to feel confident and love again with our incredible program.

Who Can Benefit From this Course?

  • Women who wish to improve their self-esteem, self-worth and self-love.

  • Women who need to learn how to remove themselves from a toxic relationship, how to identify a poor relationship, and move forward from negative past experiences.

  • Individuals who wish to make a difference in their communities including community leaders, life coaches, and aspiring counselors.

  • Those who need to learn the steps, the tools and the support to overcome heartbreak in their lives.